World Kidney Day 2015 – Kidney Health for All Featured

WKD 2015 left-imgThe World Kidney Day team is excited to announce the theme for the upcoming campaign. This time World Kidney Day will be celebrated on March 12, 2015 under the tagline Kidney Health for All.

We are not all equal regarding kidney disease and access to treatment. Some communities in higher and lower income countries are at greater risk than others because of their ethnic origin, socioeconomic status and/or where they live. This has major public health implications because of the terrible impact of kidney failure and the extremely high cost of renal replacement therapy.

Taking steps to live a healthy lifestyle clearly helps to reduce risk, and early detection and treatment can slow or prevent the progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD), and reduce the increased incidence of associated cardiovascular disease.

This year World Kidney Day needs your support to spread this message, encourage prevention, and bring this issue to the attention of government, policy makers as well as the general public.

Become a WKD Champion

To give this campaign even more impact, speak with one voice on a global and local scale, and overcome some language and cultural obstacles and sensitivities, we are looking to interact more with local organizations and individuals.
If you are willing to actively dedicate some time and commitment to the campaign, don’t hesitate to contact Agnese, [email protected], to find out more details about what this all entails.

For all the latest World Kidney Day updates, CLICK HERE or visit the World Kidney Day Facebook page.

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