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ISN is proud to endorse the 30th Anniversary International Vicenza Course which focused on peritoneal dialysis. It will take place from June 12 to 15, 2012 at the Congress Center Fiera in Vicenza, Italy.

Read the program and register online HERE

The course will present a series of lectures dealing with the anatomy and physiology of the peritoneal membrane, the most recent acquisitions in the area of peritoneal transport, the present and future techniques, new devices and dialysis solutions, as well as recently published or on-going clinical trials.

One of the most attractive features of the course will be a thorough analysis of what has occurred in the field in the last 30 years, with the intent to learn from the past, how the present developed and how the future will be shaped.

Every year, the Vicenza course gathers specialists from different disciplines in a single scientific event with a multidisciplinary approach to the critically ill patient with acute kidney injury and multiple organ dysfunction. 
Today, after 30 years, the success of the Vicenza courses is unchanged and the quality of content, knowledge of the faculty and the interest of the audience have remained unmatched.

Visit the website, HERE.

ISN is happy to announce the results of the latest round of applications for the ISN Global Outreach (GO) Fellowship program. Read the following document to find out who has been awarded funding to participate in this outstanding program.

pdfSuccessful ISN Fellowship Applicants 2012-1.pdf 

This time around, 27 applications were received, of which 21 candidates were successful and will be funded by ISN. The ISN Fellowship Program is grateful to APSN, IPNA, CREED, KRUK, ERA-EDTA and TSN for sponsoring some of the successful applicants. On top of that, three ISN Fellows have been awarded fellowships named after important supporters: Amgen, Saulo Klahr and the Schrier family.

In the last round, high interest came from Africa followed by South Asia, Latin America and East Asia and then Eastern and Central Europe. If you are interested in joining find out more HERE. The next application deadline is June 15, 2012. To find out how to apply, CLICK HERE.

The ISN Fellowship Program provides relevant and contemporary nephrological training to physicians from emerging countries, with the ultimate goal of improving the standards in the Fellows’ home countries upon their return and becoming leaders in their fields.

ISN Fellows receive hands-on training in advanced host institutions, allowing them to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge in basic and clinical nephrology, dialysis, transplantation, and epidemiology. The training focuses on providing the exact skills and knowledge specifically required by the home institution.

Monday, 16 April 2012 09:29

ISN awards 2013



The International Society of Nephrology invites its membership to propose candidates for its three prestigious biennial awards:

The awardees are selected from candidates nominated by ISN members.

All ISN members are strongly encouraged to nominate suitable candidates for each of these three awards. You can find more information about each award and the names of previous winners HERE.

The winners of the 2013 Awards will be selected by an ISN Awards Committee, chaired by the President. The names selected by the Awards Committee will then be ratified by the Executive Committee and Council. The selection process will be governed by ISN’s diversity policy. Members of the ISN Executive Committee are not eligible for nomination. Please submit your proposals by filling in the online form available HEREThe deadline for proposal is June 30, 2012. Use the login details you have now received by e-mail to cast your vote.

For each nominated candidate, please also send a CV by e-mail to Sarah Mulholland:
[email protected]This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
. Please note that the nominations will not be complete unless the CV is also received by June 30, 2012. Supporting letters (no more than 3 per nominations) are welcome.

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Mulholland:
[email protected]This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Don’t miss the deadline for the ISN Global Outreach Educational Ambassador Program. Applications will be accepted until May 1st, 2012. If you are a center looking for an expert to train staff or you are an ISN member looking to volunteer as an ISN Educational Amabassador, you can apply HERE.

Thanks to the ISN GO Educational Ambassadors Program, centers in the developing world can request an expert to join them onsite to provide very specific training or to develop community-based research and screening programs. So far, the program has proved very popular since it was first set up in 2009.

Read some of the success stories HERE.

The ISN Nominating Committee has launched a consultation within the ISN membership to prepare for the 2013 leadership and councilor elections.

It is welcoming suggestions from any member of ISN in relation to potential candidates for the President Elect. According to ISN bylaws, to be eligible to be a candidate for President Elect the potential candidate must have been in the past or at present an ISN Councilor.
 To suggest a candidate for the President Elect position, e-mail the Chair of the Nominating Committee,
Ricardo Correa-RotterThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
, with the name of the ISN member who you think should be considered for President Elect. You also need to send  a short (one paragraph) description of the merits and reasons for this nomination. The deadline for sending in nomination is Monday April 30, 2012.

At this stage no additional documents, CV or other information are required. Multiple e-mails in support of any candidate will not influence this preliminary part of the process. The Nominating Committee will consider all names who are suggested to them, and will obtain any further documentation and information where necessary to assist their final decisions. 

The Nominating Committee is welcoming suggestions from any member of ISN in relation to potential candidates for Council.
 To suggest a candidate for a Council position, please complete the online form that you have received by e-mail. Deadline for sending your nomination is Monday April 30, 2012. This will take approximately 15 minutes as you will be required to answer specific questions regarding the leadership skills and specific achievements of your nominee. After submiitting the form, please send a full CV of the candidate to
Marie-Pierre SmalThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
by email

If you have misplaced the password or have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact Marie-Pierre Smal at
[email protected]This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ISN is proud to launch Global Outreach Postings, a new initiative that will help nephrologists around the world to spread their knowledge. As part of ISN GO program activities and in collaboration with the ISN Education Program, Global Outreach Postings is an online publication scheme for nephrologists residing and working in emerging countries.

Sarala Naicker, Chair of the ISN Committee whose members will review the manuscripts, says: “We strongly believe that this initiative will allow nephrologists from emerging countries to publish manuscripts that are in line with ISN’s mission and of interest to readers from around the world.”

Submitting your manuscript for publication within ISN’s new Global Outreach Postings is free of charge, but some strict requirements need to be met. The articles must be concise, written in English, from ISN members who are living and working in emerging countries. Thanks to a simple application form, your manuscript will be reviewed within two months, posted on ISN’s website and promoted to some 10,000 ISN members worldwide.

Apply now!

The Journal of Nephropathology (JNP), a new peer reviewed tri-annual medical journal, is dedicated to basic and clinical researche in the fields of renal pathology, nephrology, kidney transplantation, renal physiology and hypertension. 

JNP carries research articles, letters, reviews, short-reviews, invited reviews, editorials, clinical practices, renal pathology images, case reports, commentaries and other associated medical and related articles and personal opinions.

It is the official journal of the society of diabetic nephropathy prevention. The journal is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published every four months, three times a year (April, August and December) and aims to reach all relevant national and international medical institutions and persons in printed and electronic versions free of charge.

ISPD 2012 will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from September 9 to 12, 2012. The incidence of end-stage renal failure is on the rise in the Asian continent and the Asian Nephrology community is dealing with burgeoning numbers of ESRD patients requiring dialysis.

Diabetes mellitus accounts for almost half of all dialysis patients in most centers. The associated comorbidity of these patients makes it a struggle to provide comprehensive dialysis treatment. In parts of Asia with a rapidly aging population this further hampers efforts to provide equitable treatment for all. Peritoneal dialysis provides a reasonable alternative in the management of end stage renal failure especially in patients with coexistent cardiovascular disease and challenging vascular access. The Scientific Programme will focus on these problems as well as review current issues in the management of peritoneal dialysis patients.

ISN will be present at this event through presentations from some of ISN Leaders and Committee Members including Fiona Brown (Young Nephrologist Committee Member), Vivekanand Jha (Executive Committee Member), Roberto Pecoits-Filho (Young Nephrologists Committee Chair), Fred Finkelstein (Dialysis Committee Co-Chair), Philip Li (WCN 2013 Scientific Program Committee Member), Peter Kerr (Council Member), Joanne Bargman (Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee Member), and Norbert Lamiere (GO CME Chair). ISN will also have a stand at the event where we hope those of you who are taking part in the event will stop by and learn more about what ISN is doing to advance kidney care around the world.

For more information CLICK HERE. 

China has pledged to end the practice of taking organs from executed prisoners within the next five years, state media report.

Officials say the country would instead rely on a new national donation system for organ transplants.

Read more on BBC News or China Daily.

It has been 40 years since the first issue of Kidney International was published. ISN started its publication history with Nephron in 1964. Kidney International, or KI as it has become known, became its flagship journal in 1972.

“It was a journal that rapidly became the center of research in the field. When KI began its publication, renal physiology was the dominant scientific discipline that defined nephrology. Many of the landmark papers of renal physiology and renal pathology appeared here, thereby defining the field as we know it today,” states Qais Al-Awqati in his last editorial letter as KI Editor in Chief.

journal cover_largeAl-Awqati was appointed Editor in Chief when the journal was redesigned and saw it become “a beautiful journal of nephrology.” He believes that although the journal has changed in the last 40 years, its core mission stays the same. “We want to publish important basic research as well as research performed on patients. The idea behind KI remains to publish research on the basic and applied aspect of kidney function in health and disease,” he adds.

Nephrology has become more and more diverse and touches upon so many different medical fields including genetics and epidemiology of renal disease, organ transplantation, dialysis, prevention and treatment of acute and chronic kidney disease. Secondary problems relating to kidney disease such as bone and cardiovascular disease have also taken a prominent role in discussions.

Taking over the reins after Al-Awqati’s six and a half year tenure, Detlef Schlondorff says that one of the main challenges will be to maintain an editorial balance between basic and clinical research.So far, this has been valuable in maintaining the journal’s successful reputation within the scientific community.

The new editorial board will expand both in terms of geographical and subject representation, reflecting the ISN community while covering all issues affecting nephrology. “The most important feature of the journal is to provide cutting-edge research with a mix of clinical and basic science, covering all aspects of nephrology from the basics of molecular and cell biology, genetics and immunology and translating them from the laboratory to the clinical care and therapy of the patient. To achieve this, it is also important to provide appropriate review articles for the nephrology community at large and give KI readers an overview of the latest developments in nephrology,” adds Schlondorff.

Recently, KI Supplements have helped cover important subjects affecting the developing world and have published therapeutic guidelines such as those developed by KDIGO. Promoting education will be a common objective for ISN and KI in the future.

Creating an Educational portal on the ISN website will allow direct, unrestricted online access to selective and important KI articles. “This will broaden our readership and provide better access to education resources from KI for medical communities worldwide,” concludes Schlondorff

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