Renal Sister Center Program – Call for candidates

The ISN calls on renal centers worldwide to establish sister

To further enhance the ISN programs aimed at fostering a global advancement in nephrology,
a network is being established which is composed of pairs of nephrology centers. Often
based on existing bonds, such a pair of a renal units would work together in the exchange
of knowledge, equipment, supplies and personnel. The ISN spends yearly about $1,000,000 on
programs concerned with enhancing international nephrology (Fellowship Training Award
Program, Visiting Scholar Program, Library Enhancement Program) and with the ISN
Commission on Global Advancement of Nephrology (COMGAN) these programs have been

A network of sister-partnerships will provide a solid, longlasting basis for
these programs and will help in distributing our programs. We therefore seek
to solicit all centers that already have or are willing to have a longterm relationship
with a renal center in another part of the world. If you are such a candidate,
please download the application form and send your name and all relevant information
to the ISN Global Headquarters.

Download the application
(= questionnaire) here.

Last Modified: February 05, 2002 03:32:53 PM

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