Sister Renal Centers Program

Sister Renal Centers Program

The Sister Renal Center (SRC) program aims to enhance co-operation between nephrology centers worldwide. Its mission is to advance the practice of nephrology in the developing world by linking renal units with centers of excellence and providing different means of support and guidance.The_Kaunas-Lithuania_SRC_team

After the centers have ‘graduated’ from the program, they will be able:

    1.   to provide state-of-the-art clinical practice,

    2.   to become hubs for the diffusion of knowledge, training and implementation of disease-preventive strategies within their geographical outreach, and                                                                                     

    3.   potentially provide support to other centers within the same geographical region through the ISN SRC Trio Program   

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The essence of the SRC program is to promote the development of an “emerging” center (EC) through the goodwill and resources of a “supporting” center (SC). The benefits provided by the ISN are intended to reinforce and encourage the support that is provided by the partnering sister center. The hope is that the SRC pair will evolve a long lasting, stable and fruitful collaboration between two centers of excellence.

For more information on the Sister Renal Center program click HERE.

Sister Renal Center Program Committee

Chair: Paul Harden (UK)
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Gavin J. Becker (Australia)
Fatiu Arogundade (Nigeria)
Meguid El Nahas (United Kingdom)
Hai Yan Wang (China)
Lance Dworkin (USA) 

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