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Other Nephrology Conferences  Nephrologisches Seminar


Heidelberg, Germany


25/03/2004 – 27/03/2004

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Nephrologisches Seminar

Seminar f?r Nieren- und Hochdruckkrankheiten


Heidelberg, Germany


25 ? 27 March, 2004




[email protected]

Web Site:





Neuen Aula der Universit?t





Grabengasse 3-5,



69117 Heidelberg (Altstadt), statt.


The registration is possible until a few days before the seminar. To allow an orientation within the topics of the lectures the participants will be sent the abstracts of the lectures and a list of introducing literature 3 weeks before the seminar. A shipment of the abstracts in case of short-term


will not take place. In this case the abstracts can be picked up at the seminar at the registration desk.

Furthermore is it possible to register directly at the seminar. It is recommended to arrive early to avoid long queue time.

The charge for the seminar is EURO 200.-

For advance registration options please visit the web site.



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