ISN Sister Renal Centers Program Committee

The ISN Sister Renal Center (SRC) Program helps improve how nephrology is practiced in emerging countries by linking emerging renal centers or units with established centers of excellence in the developed world.

Over 6 years, they build long-lasting and stable partnerships between a center in the developing world and another in a developed country, training local staff in state-of-the art clinical practice. These links become active hubs for implementing disease-preventive strategies within specific regions. A Trio Program can also encourage sister centers to grow further and potentially support other centers in their region once they have graduated.

The SRC Program nurtures a partnership between two centers by supplying a framework and list of benefits depending on their status level (C, B or A) within the program. Successful centers which show documented accomplishments progress within the program acquiring greater support and more benefits.

ISN Sister Renal Center Program Committee

  • Chair: Paul Harden, UK
  • Hong Zhang, China
  • Marcelo Orias, Argentina
  • Peter Kerr, Australia
  • Sanjib Sharma, Nepal
  • Elena Zakharova, Russia
  • Manisha Sahay, India
  • Sharon Andreoli, USA
  • Fai?al Jarraya, Tunisia

CLICK HERE for more information about the ISN Sister Renal Centers Progam.

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