ISN-ANIO India Committee

The InternationalSociety of Nephrology (ISN) is dedicated to advancing the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of kidney disease in the developing and developed world. The ISN is working with ANIO (American Nephrologists of Indian Origin) to bridge gaps in healthcare provision for kidney disease across India.

Our Vision and Mission

The ISN-ANIO India Committtee is dedicated to reducing kidney disease and increasing treatment opportunities for patients in India. It aims to prevent and treat kidney disease in India by enhancing nephrology services for communities through local government support, public awareness initiatives and tailor-made education and research programs.

Committee Members:

John Feehally (UK) – ISN – Co-chair
Ajay Singh (USA) – Chair of ANIO – Co-chair
Georgi Abraham (India)
Sanjay Agarwal (India)
Indranil Dasgupta (UK)
Ravi Mehta (USA)
Mohan Rajapurkar (India)
Prabir Roy-Chaudhury (USA)
Sanjeev Sethi (USA)
Sudhir Shah (USA)

ISN-ANIO Sub Committees

Chair: Dr. Prabir Roy-Chaudhury (USA), [email protected]
Co-Chair: Dr. Georgi Abraham (INDIA), [email protected]

Mission: The goal of the transplant subcommittee is to advance all aspects of renal transplantation in India with a special focus on teaching, training and mentorship of committed individuals. Initiatives:

Acute Kidney Injury Chair:
Chair Dr. Ravindra L. Mehta (USA): [email protected]
Co-Chair: Raj Chakarvarthi

Chronic Kidney disease
Chair: Indranil Dasgupta: [email protected] (UK)

Renal Pathology
Chair:Dr. Ajay Singh (USA) [email protected]
Co-Chair: Dr. Vanesa Bijol

More information on the activities of the ISN-ANIO India Committee and how to make a donation is available in the brochure below.

pdf_icon ISN-ANIO India Brochure and Donation Information

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