Commission on Acute Renal Failure (ARF)


To represent the highest possible level of scientific investigation in acute renal failure
and to bring together nephrologists, physicians, and scientists of other relevant

Scope of Activity:

Disaster Relief Task Force:
The Disaster Relief Task Force of the ARF Commission provides
medical care to people in natural disaster areas.
The Task Force consists of a worldwide network of experts in the management of patients
with acute renal failure. The Task Force was created after the severe earthquake in
Armenia in 1988 to coordinate nephrological assistance for the future. Both in North
America and Europe, the Task Force has organized intervention teams to provide dialysis
assistance when needed.

The commission organizes Symposia on ARF. These are usually held as a satellite symposium
to the ISN Biennial Congress.
The next Symposium is scheduled 13-15 June 2003 in Ghent, Belgium. Click here for details.


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