Commission on the History of Nephrology

Whereas before 1997 the Commission’s activities were mainly limited to organizing events
on the history of nephrology at the ICN Congresses, the following initiatives were started
in 1997 and 1998.

ISN Carl Gottschalk Archive

Through the offices of its previous Chairman, the late Carl W. Gotschalk, source material
including letters, photographs, manuscripts, documents etc. which have been passed on by
previous leaders of ISN and concern the development and evoluation of ISN, have been
collected into an archive. This collection resides in the newly opened Carl Gottschalk
Archives at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Carl Gottschalk
Archives are open for public. If you wish to make an appointment, please contact the ISN
Secretariat ([email protected], fax: 31 20 696 0389).

Those who have  historical material in their possession and are
willing to donate it to the ISN, are requested to forward material to the chairman of
theISN History Commission, Dr.
Leon Fine
, or the Head of the Archives, Dr. Jan Weening ([email protected]). Donations will be
acknowledged in publications and donated materials will carry the name of the donor.

A catalogue with the contents of the physical archive is at

A major future activity will be creating WWW pages with
displays of archival material. Several pages with images are at

The catalogue and the displays of archival material were put on the
web by Dr. Kim Solez of the Informatics Commission and his assistant Ms. Janice McDonald.

Video Legacy Project and on
line Interviews

This project is being handled by Dr. Stewart Cameron of the UK and Dr. Kim Solez of
Canada. Twenty- three interviews with nephrologists of exceptional merit, have  been
recorded. Eight interviews are being organized and will be completed soon. Of the first CD
with interviews, 5000 copies had been made and distributed in North America and
Europe. The material which is still only on tape will be digitized at a later point in
time. The Commission will attempt to include Bibliography and CV in the CD ROMS. The 1997
ISN Video Legacy Project CD-ROM
containing interviews with Drs. Abel, Brun, Bywaters,
Merril, Humes, Heptinstall, Kincaid-Smith, Kolff, Oshima and Schribner, can be obtained
through the office of Dr. Kim Solez:
Janice McDonald
Secretary/Assistant to Dr. Kim Solez
NKF cyberNephrology
5B4.02 WCM HSC
University of Alberta
8440 112th Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2R7
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780-407-8385
Fax 780-407-2608

The 2000 CD-ROM will tentatively contain interviews with Drs.
Legrain, Migone, Pirani, Richet, Seldin, McGeown, Churg, Joekes, Dossetor, Robinson and
Schreiner. For information please contact Dr. Kim Solez, e-mail [email protected]

Parts of the ISN Video Legacy CD-ROMs can be viewed on line:
Currently available, interview with Drs. John Jacob Abel and
Willem Kolff
and Robert Heptinstall, Priscilla
Kincaid-Smith and Donald Seldin

Note: for the sound files to play you will need QuickTime
or Windows Media Player. The downloads do not work well with a slow modem

of papers on the History of Nephrology

Because papers dealing with the history of nephrology are scattered amongst many
journals and difficult to access, Dr. J. Stewart Cameron has prepared an annotated
bibliography of works dealing with the history of nephrology, from 1788 to the
present day.

This list should be regarded as ‘work in progress’, not only because it will be
updated as new papers are published, but also because the participation of ISN
members and other interested persons is invited to make this list as complete
as possible. If you know of papers, books, videos, websites or any other relevant
material dealing with the history of nephrology in any aspect that are not listed
in the bibliography, then please communicate this information to Dr. J. Stewart
Cameron (address below).

The bibliography can be downloaded in 7 parts and the format is Ms Word 97.
Cover page
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 (Papers published
up to 1999 not included in the main bibliography parts 1-4)
Part 6 (Again
we bring the latest years’ papers (2001) to your attention, together with
a number of contributions from previous years not cited previously. And finally,
a short summary of papers dealing with the subject of needles, intravenous fluids
and hypodermic injections.)

Part 7 (The
pace of publication has slackened somewhat during the past year or two, as the
study of the history of Nephrology becomes established and the main lines of information
and thought have been laid out. However much remains to be done, and few archives
of original material have been accessed and analysed)

For any comments or  further information about the
bibliography, please contact:
Dr. John Stewart Cameron
Elm Bank
Melmerby, Penrith
Cumbria CA10 1HB UK
Tel:  44 (0)1768 88 1804
Fax: 44 (0)1768 88 1105
e-mail: [email protected]

Scholarships in the History of

The Commission is soliciting applications for four scholarships (US
$500) to support short studies on the history of Nephrology by students, junior physicians
or junior scientists. Applications, including a Curriculum Vitae, a one-page
description of the project, and the name of a supervisor, should be sent to:

Prof. Leon Fine
Chair ISN Commission on the History of Nephrology
Dept. of Medicine
University College London Medical School
5 University Street
London, WC1E 6JJ
United Kingdom
phone: 44 20 7209 6186
fax: 44 20 7209 6211
e-mail: [email protected]

last update; 02 December 2002

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