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ISN’s Educational Web Site / Knowledge Environment

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ISN is currently preparing an Educational Web Site / Knowledge Environment on the development, consequences, and treatment of kidney disease for researchers and clinicians. 

It will be a one-stop shop for the latest cutting-edge information gathered from hundreds of sources, updated weekly, reviewed by experts, conveniently summarized and accessible with just a click.

The goal of the Educational Web Site is to become the worldwide resource for clinical and basic research information on renal (and related) diseases, thereby fostering communication and active interaction among users. This will result in better diagnosis and prevention, and help to stimulate major new discoveries and treatments.

ISN’s Educational Web Site will be based on:

  • comprehensive, credible, and timely information
  • high quality editorial content
  • an international scope and knowledge
  • the active involvement of regular users
  • the best technology behind the knowledge environment
  • professional management of the site
  • effective partnerships

Main sections of the site will include:

  • The Virtual Journal

    is a collection of relevant articles in the field of nephrology. Using a sophisticated search strategy, articles are captured from the Medline database provided by the US National Library of Medicine. Updated daily, the Virtual Journal is a central depository of research publications for the worldwide renal community.

  • Original Editorial Content

    Updated on a weekly basis, the members of the Editorial Board provide intelligent and provocative comments on selected important papers in the VJ collections as







  • News and Reviews

    A news section featuring relevant scientific and industry news on a daily basis.

  • Meeting Reports

    The site will be populated with reports from key conferences and meetings in the nephrology field, providing a unique service to the worldwide community.

  • Jobs and Resumes

  • Calendar of Events

  • Educational Resources

    A repository of teaching materials, including current slide sets, images, presentation materials, and helpful links to other educational resources.

  • Links to related and useful sites

    Featuring links to Professional Societies, Clinical Resources, Research Resources, Patient Resources, Funding/Granting Resources, Related Journals and Publications and Institutions.

  • Personalization Features

    Useful online options, such as: virtual folders to store articles or other useful information for later use; email alerts to stay on top of new additions to the site; customized settings to indicate topical areas of interest; powerful search queries that can be saved (and later edited if need be); the ability to browse the VJ by topic, journal, or date (range) or highlights.

Initial Thematic Sections will cover:

  • Acute Renal Failure/ ICU nephrology
  • Anemia (including EPO)
  • Chronic kidney disease and progression
  • Clinical nephrology
  • Clinical trials
  • Diabetes and the kidney
  • Dialysis
  • Epidemiology and outcomes
  • Fluid and electrolytes
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Hypertension and renovascular disease
  • Immunology and Pathology
  • Mineral and bone metabolism
  • Pediatric nephrology
  • Recent research advances
  • Renal disease in developing countries
  • Transplantation

The ISN Educational Website/Knowledge Environment is scheduled to launch in 2004.



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