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Clinical Research Program

Clinical Research Program


Tailor-made research and early detection strategies

RPThe ISN Clinical Research Program supports research and education programs in low-to-middle income countries, involving local nephrologists, health workers and authorities. The program helps implement research projects to detect and manage non-communicable chronic diseases such as CKD, hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

In 2005 the Committee developed The Detection and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease in Developing Countries (KHDC) document. This KHDC guideline document provides a template format for the set-up of early detection and intervention programs in emerging countries that can be implemented according to the particular needs, organization facilities, and economic imperatives of the given country.

The Committee is involved with providing guidance for the set-up of programs across the globe; some countries where screening and prevention programs are currently being conducted in accordance to the KHDC are Mozambique, Mexico, Morocco, Indonesia, Cuba, Bolivia, Nepal, Moldova, Egypt, India, Nigeria, China, Mongolia.

Recent efforts have also been focused on data collection and surveillance initiatives in order to help better demonstrate the prevalence of chronic kidney disease and its effective treatment.

Eligible areas of research

Two types of studies are funded under the Clinical Research & Prevention Program:

Screening and intervention studies
These studies identify individuals at high risk for or with chronic kidney disease by screening programs. They should be complemented by patient follow-up programs through medical management including health education, lifestyle modification and pharmacological treatment in order to reduce end-stage kidney and cardiovascular disease and mortality.

Clinical local research studies addressing specific local needs
These are small clinical research projects aimed to address specific needs at the local regional/country level. Projects should be related to acute and chronic kidney disease.


The application deadlines are on April 1 and October 1 of every year. Accepted projects are announced in August and January respectively.

For further information on eligibility criteria in order to apply for the Clinical Research Program, please review the guidelines and project criteria.


Applicants must be ISN members.

Applications must be approved before submission by ISN’s Regional Coordinators, who survey the activities of the prevention programs on a regional level. The Regional Coordinators help applicants to prepare their applications before submission. Prospective applicants must contact their ISN Regional Coordinator a minimum of 1 month before the submission deadline. Members of the Clinical Research Committee evaluate proposals. The first three ranked projects in each round are awarded a 10,000 to 20,000 USD grant for setting up the local program.

Current and Past Projects

CLICK HERE to download current and past awarded projects

Other useful information

Clinical Research Program Leaflet
KHDC Guidelines 2014-2015
News and Updates

Clinical Research Progam Committee and Review Committee Members

Chair: Marcello Tonelli – Edmonton, Canada:
Co-chair: Norberto Perico – Bergamo, Italy
Dwomoa Adu – Accra, Ghana
Gavin Becker – Melbourne, Australia
Boris Bikbov – Moscow, Russia
Alan Cass – Sydney, Australia
Arpana Iyengar – Bangalore, India
Zhi-Hong Liu – Nanjing, China
Mona Nasir Alrukhaimi – Dubai, UAE
Roberto Pecoits-Filho – Curitiba, Brazil

Regional Coordinator Eastern & Central Europe
Lazlo Rosivall (Hungary):

Regional Coordinator Middle East, Arabia
Saeed Al Ghamdi (Saudi Arabia):

Regional Coordinator Latin America
Alfonso M. Cueto Manzano (Mexico):

Regional Coordinator Africa
Sarala Naicker (South Africa):

Regional Coordinator South Asia
Muthu Mani (India):

Regional Coordinator East Asia
Philip Li (China-Hong Kong):

Regional Coordinator Oceania
Peter Kerr (Australia):

Regional Coordinator Russia & CIS
Mykola Kolesnyk (Ukraine):


There are two application rounds each year for submission of the project proposals; the application deadlines are on April 1 and October 1 of every year. The announcement of the awarded projects will be in August and January, respectively.

Projects that have been approved by ISN’s Regional Coordinators and evaluated by an independent and geographically representative ISN Selection Committee will receive partial seed funding for the set-up of the local program.

In order to submit an application, please review the detailed application guidelines and project criteria.

KDDC – Kidney Disease Data Center

As an integrated activity with the development of specific preventive projects, it is critical to create an ISN Data Center for Kidney Disease (KDDC) to collect and analyze data from the screening and intervention projects in developing countries. This would allow global data collection and surveillance on chronic kidney diseases, hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease in emerging countries. It is emphasized that the KDDC is not intended as a registry to general meaningful epidemiological data about large regions or countries. Rather, it is a platform to ensure the success of current ISN Clinical Research Committee initiatives. Therefore, ISN encourages applicants responding to the present Call, whose proposal is funded, to send their screening and follow-up data to KDDC to Dr Norberto Perico – Mario Negri Institute – Bergamo – Italy.


Program Information:

Clinical Research Program Leaflet
KHDC Guidelines 2014-205
Article-Update on Research Program

Other materials:

0x25 – Clinical Research and Prevention Leaflet
Clinical Research and Prevention Payment Request Form
W8 Form


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ISN Programs Administrator
Tel: +32 2 808 0420

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