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Dialysis Committee

The Dialysis Committee is a merge of the former Hemodialysis Committee and the former Peritoneal Dialysis Committee.

The objectives of the Dialysis Committee are to continue to develop programs for the treatment of AKI in the developing world; support the training of individuals from the developing world to obtain training in dialysis programs; support the educational missions of the society and GO and the Education Committee.

Committee membership (WCN2013-WCN2015)

Co-Chairs: Fredric Finkelstein (USA)
                     Nathan Levin (USA)

Niang Abdou    Senegal
Georgi Abraham    India
Mona Nasir AlRukhaimi    United Arab Emirates
Ali K. Abu Alfa    Lebanon
Sampson Antwi    Ghana
Gavin Becker    Australia
Brett Cullis    South Africa
Guillermo Garcia Garcia    Mexico
Philip Li    China
Roberto Pecoits-Filho    Brazil
Claudio Ronco    Italy
Karen Yeates    Canada
Tadesse Yewondwossen    Ethiopia
Mary Carter    USA
John Callegari    USA
Bernadette Thomas    USA
Isaac Teitelbaum    USA

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