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Since its foundation in 1960, the International Society of Nephrology has strived for the worldwide advancement of education, science and patient care in nephrology. Through its variety of meeting formats the Society provides several different educational platforms for timely scientific exchange, debate and dissemination between healthcare professionals around the world.

Registration to these events are done directly through the event websites.

ISN World Congresses of Nephrology (WCN)

ISN World Congress of Nephrology is the leading biennial educational event in international nephrology, attracting attendance from the worldwide nephrology community, including physicians, academicians, and clinical and basic researchers, as well as other healthcare professionals involved in multidisciplinary nephrology care. It not only features a world-class scientific program but also reflects the unique role of ISN’s efforts in advancing renal care in the developing and developed world.

ISN Nexus Symposia

ISN Nexus Symposia bridge the gap between basic research and clinical practice and offer a profound focus on translational medicine and clinical application. The Nexus symposia aim to address the increasingly multidisciplinary approach to kidney health issues by bringing together researchers and practicing clinicians to advance science and treatment around highly targeted and specific themes of current relevance.

ISN Forefronts Symposia

ISN Forefronts Symposia focus on emerging and groundbreaking research. They gather nephrologists and active investigators from surrounding medical areas to explore new scientific domains and review the latest developments in kidney disease.

Global Outreach (GO) CMEs

The Continuing Medical Education Program (CME) brings essential teaching and training to some 14,000 doctors in over 40 settings every year. CME meetings take place in the developing world, where expert speakers from the developing and the developed world share their knowledge and experience in clinical care and research.

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