ISN Councilor Elections: have you registered your vote yet? Featured

vote3The ISN Council Elections are now open and we are looking forward to receiving your votes. As a member of ISN, you have the chance to cast your vote and change the way the ISN Council will look in the next term. Between April 1st and May 15, 2013 you can vote online for the new councilors through a personalized link.

Check your mailbox, you should have received a link to cast your vote simply and surely online. If you did not receive a voting notification, please contact Marie-Pierre Smal at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Don’t miss this opportunity to benefit from your voting rights as a member of ISN.

The results of the election will be announced at the General Assembly  during the World Congress of Nephrology (WCN)  2013 in Hong Kong on Monday June 3rd, 2013 from 7 to 8am (Room S226 and 227) at the Hong Kong Convention Center.

The following ISN Council Members will end their term in 2013 (note that all terms end at the time of the WCN of that year):

    •    Toshio Miyata (Japan – Council Region: North Asia)
    •    Rezvi Sheriff (Sri Lanka – Council Region: South and Central Asia)
    •    Gavin Becker (Australia – Council Region: Australia, New Zealand and Polynesia)
    •    Agnes Fogo (USA – Council Region: North America)
    •    Peter Stenvinkel (Sweden – Council Region: Scandinavian Europe)
    •    Ana Cusumano (Argentina – Council Region: Latin America)
    •    Juan Fern?ndez-Cean (Uruguay – Council Region: Latin America)
    •    Martha Franco (Mexico – Council Region: Latin America)

There are 32 Council Members in office for three consecutive two-year terms. In order to both ensure continuity, as well as maintain ‘renewal’, one third of the total council is re-elected every two years.

The ISN Council is the governing body and the legal trustee of the Society. Its composition reflects the various disciplines and geographic diversities that make up our organization. CLICK HERE for the full ISN diversity policy.

For further information about ISN Elections, CLICK HERE.

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