ISN Affiliated & Collective Societies

In November 2015, during ASN Kidney Week, we organized our regular Affiliated Society meeting to gather all representatives so they could learn more about ISN and strengthen partnerships or create valuable training opportunities for nephrologists.

 affiliated societiesCelebrating collective membership
It is now over 10 years ago since the ISN Collective Membership was first launched. This type of membership is open to ISN Affiliated Societies. To be eligible for the special annual rate they must sign up at least 75% of their total membership. These members are entitled to all benefits of a regular individual membership.

So far, ISN Collective Member Societies include the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology, Canadian Society of Nephrology, Dutch Federation of Nephrology, Hong Kong Society of Nephrology, Iranian Society of Nephrology, Israeli Society of Nephrology and Hypertension, Peruvian Society of Nephrology, Philippine Society of Nephrology, South African Renal Society, Spanish Society of Nephrology and Swiss Society of Nephrology.

Philippine Society of Nephrology strengthens its ties with ISN

We are delighted to announce that the Philippine Society of Nephrology has become a Collective Member Society, which will enhance and further develop the unique cooperation and partnership between our two societies ultimately benefiting patients suffering from kidney diseases.

Gina Nazareth, President of the Philippine Society of Nephrology says: “This collaboration means a lot to middle income countries like ours. Rest assured that we are one with you in advancing equitable and ethical access to kidney care.”

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