ISN Commission of Nephrology Informatics

and summary of activities

“To investigate the manner in which the latest knowledge in our
field can be distributed in a timely manner throughout the world.”

To achieve the above mandate, this Commission, chaired by Dr. Kim Solez and partnering
with the NKF cyberNephrology initiative, provides computer related tools, resources and
technological support to aid the practice of nephrology globally and thereby increase
knowledge in the field of renal medicine.

Since its inception, the Commission has launched several initiatives, including:

1) creation of the ISN web page,

2) distribution of the Nephrology UpToDate CD-ROM to developing countries through a
joint project between the ISN and UpToDate,

3) creation of the site for Dr. Robert W. Schrier’s Atlas of
Diseases of the Kidney. This site includes all 66 chapters from the five volumes covering
all areas of nephrology, complete with color graphics and PowerPoint files from each
chapter. Access to this site is impressive with up to 120,000 hits on-line a month with up
to 5,600 unique visitors a month.

4) NEPHROL – a highly successful nephrology Email discussion group and all of its
offspring groups (18 in total).

5) Renal-Tech Donation Project – one of the major activities of this commission. It
provides used computer equipment, CD-ROM based educational material, and Internet
connections to nephrologists in the developing world. To date there have been successful
donations to Nigeria, Nepal, Cuba, and Kosovo.

6) support of the Banff Conferences on Allograft Pathology.

Plans for the future:

– To provide three additional textbooks on-line.

– To increase our global educational presence by providing nephrology education websites
in languages other than English.

– To increase the amount of material we provide to emerging
countries and  the number of on-line talks and seminars from major International

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