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ISN COMGAN is committed to the prevention and regression of chronic renal disease. It offers substantial support to continuing medical education and fact-finding missions around the world.

COMGAN’s ultimate aim is to improve clinical care awareness at a global level. COMGAN’s efforts are positioned to reach out to countries and regions of the world most in need of better renal care.


Purpose, Organization,

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COMGAN’s goal is to provide assistance to these areas, whenever possible, via the many existing ISN programs, including:


COMGAN was formed as an ISN Commission in 1994. Since its inception, COMGAN has been co-chaired by two senior nephrologists: Dr. Barry Brenner of Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and Dr. John Dirks of the University of Toronto and Toronto Hospital. Drs. Brenner and Dirks oversee the regional subcommittees that make up the Commission.

Each of the subcommittees has seven or more members, who individually serve, on average, for a three-year term. Please see the

COMGAN Leadership Roster

for a list of current subcommittee heads and members.


COMGAN brings together all the Continuing Medical Education (CME), training and other supportive activities of the International Society of Nephrology

COMGAN has an established and sustained committee and volunteer structure that penetrates most key areas across the globe

The CMEs have been the most successful of all COMGAN undertakings

COMGAN has ?The Giants? of Nephrology as top ranking teaching faculty

COMGAN is unique in the context of International societies and subspecialties in that it operates worldwide

COMGAN has organized 204 outreach programs since 1998, including 26 countries in Africa 54 in Asia 41 in Latin America, 17 in Middle East, 56 in EC Europe and 10 in North America reaching close to 50,000 physicians and health care workers in the developing world.

COMGAN has contributed to the education of nephrologists around the world and created a close network among the world community of nephrology

COMGAN represents the most effective way to achieve a truly international society by raising the level of nephrology education and clinical care in the developing world.



of COMGAN’s current work takes the form of fact-finding missions, site visits, and short courses. Recently these courses have been offered in tandem with courses, similarly focused, by the World Council of Renal Care. Other organizations and societies that have partnered with COMGAN include:


Continuing Medical Education (CME)

courses have delivered tangible benefits, in the form of access to speakers and expertise not locally available to developing areas.

COMGAN subcommittee members

actively promote new membership, participate in, organize, and research presentations, and encourage applications for the Fellowship and Visiting Scholar Programs. Further activities include the promotion of the

Model Renal Sister Center Program

and the

Joint Membership Program



COMGAN currently receives substantial funding to promote

the various ISN programs. Each of the subcommittees receives an operating budget of US $15,000 per annum. While the latter amount does not support travel costs, speakers’ expenses, etc. for site visits and fact-finding missions, ISN has been generously assisted by industry and a number of societies and funds in the developed world.

Purpose, Organization, Activities and Budget

COMGAN Leadership & Subcommittees Roster

Past Activities

Upcoming COMGAN Events


Application for COMGAN Support


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